Wide variety of treatment approaches offered

Treatment Approaches

Addiction Counseling
Interactive Psychotherapy
Counseling (Individual / Couples)
Biofeedback Therapy
Spinal Cord Stimulator Evaluations
Pain Management Education
Medical Hypnotherapy
Meditation / Mindfulness Training
Issues Pertaining to Sexual Orientation and/or Gender Transition
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Can’t Say Enough

I’ve been seeing him for 5 years and has helped me through many life situations. I can’t say enough about his natural ability to help people with day to day stress.


Would Highly Recommend

Has been great with helping me manage day to day stress.


Excellent Doctor

I have seeing Steve Kilgore, for over six years. Within this time period, I was experiencing extremely difficult problems both mentally and dealing with chronic pain. Steve Kilgore, was and has always gone, out of his way to help me; especially for weekend emergencies, Steve was the only person (other than my wife), who was able to calm me or help me in a very calming and with professional compassion! Steve Kilgore saved my life! I am profoundly greatful to this Man!


Saved My Wife’s Life

My wife is a patient and Steve has helped me tremendously with techniques I now can use to help my wife with pain management and settling her down when she loses control of herself. Steve has always been there for me and my wife during a crisis, even when’s he’s been on vacation in Florida with his wife. I would highly recommend him to anyone dealing with chronic pain, anger/rage, and depression.


Dr Steve Is A Must Have In Life

Over the past 2 years Dr. Steve has met with me in his peaceful office. I have learned the brain is complex. I learned behaviors are usually triggered from a wound that happened in our past. I was doubtful at first, however, through Dr. Steve’s knowledge and experience he has helped me recognize the underlying wounds.


Incredible Depth of Knowledge

Steve has an incredible depth of knowledge and experience to help those with moderate to severe addiction problems and chronic pain problems. I have read the online bios of Steven Kilgore‘s deep background , and have been able to use Steve to my own benefit. Not only has he taught me self-hypnosis (admittedly only a small amount of what I believe Steve is capable of), he has taught me techniques that have greatly helped with my own chronic pain issues.


I Am A Better Person Now

I have been a patient of Steve Kilgore for 3 years and suffer from severe chronic pain issues. The pofessional insights and concerned care that I have received from this practitioner have allowed me both to stop using narcotics and find calmness and accept all changes in my life from my disabilities. I am a better person from working with and knowing Steven Kilgore!


He’s My Hero

Dr. Kilgore is the BEST! I had tremendous pain and though desperate, I was admittedly skeptical if he could help me. His treatment has been and continues to be life changing. Dr. K introduced me to new methods and strategies that really worked! He is so creative! He isn’t stuck to the idea that one way worked for everyone. He listens and adapted until we found what worked.


Has A Heart For Healing

This will be hard to write because I am not sure there are adequate words to express what I want to. Steve, in a few words, is compassionate, wise, caring, skilled, has a heart for healing, an eye for seeing what is in front of him as well as into the hearts and lives of those he works with.


He Truly Wants To Help You

Steven has help me to cope better with my chronic pain and with the death of my husband and animals that i had rescued all the animals with in 60 days. When I saw him first I told him I don’t know who I am. I wanted that answer. I had been married for 51+ years. Steven Kilgore is the most patient, kind and caring Psychotherapist. He truly wants to help you.


Cares Deeply About His Patients

Words could hardly express the type of therapist and professional Steve exemplifies. An excellent ethical therapist who cares deeply about his patients. He goes the extra mile so he knows you leave in a better place than you entered. He has literally assisted me with saving my life and helping me to change my perspective to manifesting the positive side of every thought and event.